Victoria's Secret PINK Love Notes
Posters created to be displayed in the break rooms of over 1K Victoria's Secret PINK stores across the US created during my internship with PINK throughout the summer of 2017.
Graphic Design, Typography
Work completed throughout the course of my graphic design internship with NYLON's e-commerce department, NYLONshop.
Graphic Design
Rebranding Using Counterspaces
A typography assignment in which I was to choose any pre-existing logo and use the counter-spaces as well as the surrounding negative space to create a new logo and re-branding of the existing company. I chose to use the magazine and brand NYLON's logo due to both my love of its existing art direction, a style I wanted to push even further, in addition to the logo's sans serif font, and the negative space it had to offer.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Positive, Negative, and Neutral Magazine Covers
This Typography III assignment is made up of four pieces, with three different magazine covers and a spread. Each cover had to feature a positive, negative, and neutral headline discussing design without using any imagery. I focused on minimalism, creating first a cover and spread positively depicting and utilizing the style. For my remaining two covers, I borrowed elements of minimalism without fully utilizing it.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
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