Ad Council Food Waste Campaign
This ad campaign for Ad Council, created in my Advertising I class, focuses on spreading awareness of food waste. I wanted to pair jarring images with bold, gripping headlines to catch my audience’s attention before proceeding with body copy containing startling statistics. I integrated my headlines within the images and made them interact with the garbage in order to seamlessly mesh image and text for a powerful statement. My headlines have become singular letters, each one a part of the trash heap.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignAdvertising
Rebranding Using Counterspaces
A typography assignment in which I was to choose any pre-existing logo and use the counter-spaces as well as the surrounding negative space to create a new logo and re-branding of the existing company. I chose to use the magazine and brand NYLON's logo due to both my love of its existing art direction, a style I wanted to push even further, in addition to the logo's sans serif font, and the negative space it had to offer.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Impulse Buy Catalog
A catalog for a fictional fashion brad, "Impulse Buy," produced for my Design Procedures class, featuring my own fashion photography.
Art DirectionBrandingPhotography
Portrait of an Art Student as an Artist
Cover and spread for a New York Times Magazine article with the headline, "Portrait of an Art Student as An Artist," produced for my Imaging I class during the Fall of 2015.
Art DirectionEditorial DesignPhotography
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